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1:1 Mentoring/Coaching Session

 – 60 Minutes –

Hi , I’m Sonata Kucin,

the only EMCC accredited Mentoring Program Manager and  Mentor/Coach in Luxembourg.

I changed my Career a few times and know how hard it can be to decide to do it.

Even if everything seems ideal – high salary, amiable coworkers, supportive boss, comfortable workspace and schedule, and so on.

Now I help corporate women worldwide change jobs using my experience, professional skills as a Mentor.

I am an EMCC Accredited Programme Manager at Senior Practitioner Level.


I am an EMCC Accredited Mentor at Practitioner level

I work according to the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches & Mentors.

1:1 Mentoring/Coaching Session

 – 60 Minutes –

Book 1 : 1 Mentoring/Coaching Session with me,

so I will help you to see your professionnal situation, and to identify your next step in changing jobs !


& Career

Heartiness &


Saving Time &


Mindfulness &


Inclusion & 


With this 60 minutes Session


  • 60 min online session with me, accredited Mentor, to clarify your career situation.

  • Craft an action plan that suits your unique needs and aspirations, and map out your goals accordingly.

  • Professional advice about, your next step.

  • Support during your Mentoring Journey.


Is it time to change your career?


  • You complain regularly about job frustrations.

  • You are apathetic and/or you are most focused on what’s not working.

  • You are not learning anymore, all your work is routine. You’ve grow out of your current role.

  • You ask yourself “Is this all there is?”

  • You think that if it weren’t for money, you’d have left by now.

  • You’re watching the clock to finish your working day!

 You got minimum few YES answered….


What’s going to happen after your payment?


  • You will recieve an email of confirmation.

  • Then, I will contact you to plan our 60 minutes session.

  • Simply as that !

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