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” Everybody who made it had a Mentor!  “


🔸With my extensive background, I now specialize in analyzing and facilitating company culture transformation towards sustainability. I firmly believe that a Mentoring Strategy offers a rewarding pathway for organizations aspiring to embed sustainability into their DNA, nurturing the seeds of sustainability to flourish in everyday organizational practices.

🔸Drawing from my professional journey, which included a few career changes, I tailored the SHIFT career program with integrated mentoring and coaching methodologies to offer a unique approach that draws from the strengths of both fields for professionals seeking to Step Into The Next Career Chapter.

EMCC  Global Accredited Programme Manager 

EMCC Global Accredited Mentor/Coach

“You can’t choose your family, but you can pick your mentor!  “

Feeling like your career compass is pointing in the wrong direction? Let’s change that!

What is your career history? Did you already change your job not once? Or maybe you have worked in the same company and position for long years? Anyway, deciding to change something in both situations is not easy. Without any doubt, we can call ourselves experts in procrastination when we arrive at the point when we start to think about a career change.

Making a career switch can be intimidating and overwhelming, but having a mentor to guide you through the process can make it much less stressful. A career change mentor is somebody who has made a successful transition and is willing to share their knowledge and first-hand experience with you. They will provide a safe space for reflection and can help you understand what’s stopping you from changing your career, evaluate different career opportunities, provide helpful advice on resume writing and interview process, gives you honest feedback on job interviews, advise about networking within your chosen field, introduce you to industry experts or other mentors, and bring your skills up to the next level.

How to find access to mentoring? Where to search for mentoring opportunities? There are many resources available to help you find a career change mentor. You can search online for different Mentoring platforms created for that or look on LinkedIn for people in your desired industry that have made successful career transitions. Alternatively, ask close contacts if they know anyone who could act as your mentor or connect with local organizations related to the field that may offer mentoring services. Many of these people will be happy to equip you with the right tools to start down the new path ahead of you!

Suppose you want to have some certainty that your mentor is a professional and they have mentoring skills. In that case, you can search for them on date bases of professional associations such as EMCC Global (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) or IMA (International Mentoring Association).




If you’re feeling unfulfilled at your current job, and want to change your career, then Mentoring Culture’s Career Change Mentoring/ Coaching may be the perfect resource for you. With more than 20 years of educational and management experience and as an Accredited Career Mentor/Coach and Mentoring Program Manager, Sonata is well-positioned to provide comprehensive advice about such an important life decision.

Whether it’s landing a new job outside your industry or finding meaningful work within the sector, Sonata helps professionals explore their options and take control of their lives by setting clear goals and developing strategies for achieving them. Her personalized approach gives each client a chance to evaluate where they are in their career journey, what would make them most fulfilled professionally, and how best to move forward in that direction. With support, encouragement, and insight from an expert who has been through it herself, Sonata’s Career Change Mentoring/Coaching can help you get closer to achieving your career dreams.

Ready for your dream job?

One successful method for changing careers is through mentoring.

If you want to refine your career path and make a change, you may be interested in seeking a mentor. Having a mentor who is knowledgeable and experienced in the field is essential for making sure that your goals are in line with what you hope to achieve. It’s necessary to establish your elevator pitch so that when you meet potential mentors, you have something to talk about and can get their valuable input to help guide your career decisions. Your preparation will let you understand better which roles in mentoring you prioritize and be ready to discuss this with your mentor. Also, it will lead you to a smoother and quicker career change.


For example, if you’re currently working as a project manager but looking to make some significant changes, it can be unclear where exactly to focus or how to progress with any new plan. Having spoken with potential mentors who have experience from different angles related to the industry or profession of interest could help narrow down multiple paths that may lead to success. A structured framework and clear strategic approach are invaluable tools for determining which direction makes the most sense for advancing one’s professional career aspirations.

What is your dream career? Identify the direction of your professional journey.


The first step for those looking to start their career journey is determining their career path. One of the best ways to do this is to create an elevator pitch explaining what they hope to accomplish professionally. This will let you find more straightforward access to mentoring and let prospective mentors know precisely where a person is going and why they need help getting there.

Finding a mentor who has already succeeded in that field is essential. They will be knowledgeable and have also gone through and tackled many issues that future professionals may face. For example, suppose someone is looking for a career as a retail store manager. In that case, finding a mentor who has worked in retail management will be invaluable as they can provide insights and advice on succeeding in that particular industry.

Unlock your potential: discover the power of career mentoring/coaching!

You are not the only individual person who arrived at the point in their career when they started to feel stuck, bored, frustrated, apathetic, not learning anything anymore, noticing and pointing out a lot in the current job that is not working or just you can’t cope anymore. It’s one of the reasons why it’s essential to find a Mentor who already was there in this situation and has experience in moving out from it.


Mentoring is a learning relationship, involving the sharing of skills, knowledge, and expertise between a mentor and mentee through developmental conversations, experience sharing, and role modelling. The relationship may cover a wide variety of contexts and is an inclusive two-way partnership for mutual learning that values differences. There are a lot of different roles that Mentors play to let you take as many benefits of mentoring as you can. And one of them is the role of coach.

Career mentoring/coaching is a process of helping an individual to determine, strategize and develop their professional identities. During the mentoring/coaching process, career mentors/coaches may provide guidance around topics such as self-assessment and skill assessment. Career mentors/coaches help individuals prepare for future job opportunities, examine job market trends and identify potential industries that are compatible with one’s interests, skills, values, and needs.

Examples of areas that career mentors/coaches can focus on include understanding an individual’s career goals; preparing resumes; improving interviewing skills; developing negotiation tactics; enhancing personal and professional brand; learning about job search strategies such as networking and informational interviews; exploring internships or mentorship opportunities; interviewing with recruiters or member of HR departments to better understand specific job roles or cultures within particular companies.

Both, Mentor/Coach and the client, are responsible for a successful mentoring relationship are responsible. Most importantly, the relationship between them should be conceptualized as a partnership. It often takes months or even years to work through various elements of the occupational exploration process. Ultimately it is incumbent upon the two parties (the mentor/coach & client) to remain focused on collaboratively reaching a target goal through trial & error while constantly assessing progress along the way. By using evidence-based practices & theories together with creativity & innovation. Your mentoring journey won’t be locked just in your’s and your mentor’s one-on-one time frame during your mentoring meeting. Usually, you will also have support and access to your mentor in between your sessions.

If you are considering your career change, finding a mentor will help you start doing it quicker and help you have the smoother transition as much as possible.

For how long is it better to plan mentoring? Everything depends on your personal situation and your goals. For some, it is enough for 3-6 months of mentoring; some benefit from 3-9 months of mentoring, or even more.


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You have different mentoring options. You can choose in-person mentoring if your mentor lives in the same city or country as you. You can join a group mentoring. Or you can select online mentoring. It’s up to you and your needs.

One of the best things about buying an online program is its convenience. You can access your mentoring/coaching session from anywhere. Your plans can change; you can travel on work trips or spontaneously decide to take some holidays – no problem. You won’t miss your mentoring/coaching sessions, as your location is unimportant. You have your phone with you, and it’s enough.

You don’t have to think about how to find a few hours in your busy day, as with online sessions, you save your precious time as you don’t need to spend any time traveling to/from sessions and bothering with thinking about the traffic jam or how to find a parking place near your mentor’s/coach’s office.

The other advantage of buying online sessions is cost savings. How? Every hour counts. That time you save for traveling, you can spend on your activities and earning!

Finally, online sessions allow you to choose a Mentor from around the world and enrich yourself with different perspectives and knowledge!

So don’t wait any longer – click the link now and start your journey by investing in yourself today!

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