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 – 60 Minutes –

🔸With my extensive background, I specialize in analyzing and facilitating company culture transformation towards sustainability. I firmly believe that a Mentoring Strategy offers a rewarding pathway for organizations aspiring to embed sustainability into their DNA, nurturing the seeds of sustainability to flourish in everyday organizational practices.


EMCC Global Accredited

Programme Manager 


EMCC Accredited Mentor/Coach


consultation / Mentoring

 – 60 Minutes –


& Career

Inclusion &


Saving Time &


Mindfulness &


Sustainability &

Work Culture



🔸 A 60-minute online session to clarify your company situation and any uncertainties you may have about the chosen topic.

🔸Expert guidance on your next move.

🔸Develop a tailored action plan that aligns with your company’s needs and aspirations.



Topics that I can help with

✔️Change of company culture.

✔️ Sustainability (encompassing environmental, social, and economic aspects).

✔️ Well-being,  inclusivity, diversity, and community engagement.

✔️  Effectiveness of your mentoring programs. 

✔️ Successful mentoring relationships.

✔️ Mentoring programs design and launch.

✔️ Onboarding training for mentors and mentees.

✔️ Training for mentors and mentees during mentoring program. 

✔️ Mentoring Culture. Why it’s important and what difference it makes.

What happens next once your payment goes through?


  • You will receive an email of confirmation.

  • Afterward, you’ll get a Calendly link to schedule your 60-minute session.

  • Simply as that!

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